Electric Innovations creates innovative technologies that clean the air, diverts waste and turns it into renewable energy.


Here's HOw

  • Biogas Blower Systems 1-19PSIG, 1-10,000 scfm, 130 deg F
  • Base frame, deliver on site, plug and play systems
  • Outdoor or indoor
  • Classified for Hazardous locations
  • Control room built for electrical
  • Designed and built in house
  • Controls for communication between multiple locations, blowers, flares etc.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Biogas Coalescing filters
  • Glycol and Air Chilling/cooling
  • Flow meters and biogas analyser systems for real time feedback

  • Packages 250kw -4mw
  • 480 3ph or 4160v 3ph
  • Partner with Maas Motor Works turn-key systems
  • Remote operator controls and data logging
  • Utility interconnection to the grid
  • Primary Service BIOMAT connections

  • Power Distribution Buildings
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Pre-Built, tested, deliver ready control rooms
  • Contactor and VFD cabinets
  • IT and Wireless communication/ Data Centers

  • SCADA Programming¬†
  • Dashboards and Controls
  • Data logging
  • Multi-location communication networks
  • PID Loops and Auto-Pilot implementation

  • Fiber Optics
  • Long Range Wireless Grid
  • Planning and Engineering
  • Support and dedication to uptime